Cryptoberfest Celebrating Crypto with CoinFantasy Qoute Coin

Cryptoberfest Celebrating Crypto with CoinFantasy Qoute Coin

New York City: Singapore based Coinfantasy has announced the biggest event for all crypto enthusiasts, cryptoberfest, which is the first event in the crypto gaming space and has been the talk of the GameFi space. Cryptober Fest is all about celebrations, winning fantastic prizes, and bringing every member of the crypto community to join and participate in the month-long event & gain exclusive access to the world of Coinfantasy.

Coinfantasy, the world’s first decentralised fantasy trading game is backed by 75K+ user sign-ups, 6K+ active users & recorded 350K+ transactions on Avalanche Subnet. The theme for #cryptoberfest this year is “Celebrating Crypto.” The podcast, events, contests & competitions held during cryptoberfest are meant to educate participants on various crypto opportunities and how to navigate their portfolio in the bull and bear season.

The fest has received excellent reviews from the most prominent drivers & influencers of the crypto & NFT community. At #cryptoberfest, there is no discrimination, and everyone participating in the fest is assured of goodies ranging from exclusive access to the coinfantasy world to prizes worth thousands of dollars. The mantra of the fest is Participate, Collect & Win.

“Participants need an access code to stand a chance of winning various goodies on the ground for cryptoberfest. Participants will be provided with an “x” number of access codes for each activity they participate in based on the terms and conditions of that particular activity.” says the team behind the amazing cryptoberfest.

Cryptoberfest: Celebrating Crypto with CoinFantasy

The fest is all about participants collecting as many access codes as possible by participating in the various events & contests hosted by Coinfantasy. So naturally, the more the number of access codes, the higher the reward value is. More details about the contests, codes & FAQs can be found here

“Coinfantasy has been consistently working to make crypto accessible to all and now we are very excited to be organising this event as it further shows how we are committed to the adoption of crypto globally and also making it fun,” said Harish, the Co-founder of Coinfantasy. He further stated that Coinfantasy is pushing to make the crypto community fun for investors.

Coinfantasy is known for creating new milestones & adding value to its community members in every possible way. With only three months into its Beta launch, Coinfantasy has captured the minds & eyes of the most prominent industry spheres, Blockchain Games & influencer networks. Their recent “Big reward Month” received applause from every community member, with a massive 24K+ portfolios’ created in the game during the event.

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