Ziggy Marley Contributes an Unreleased Demo to the NFT Collection Benefits Charity

Ziggy Marley Contributes an Unreleased Demo to the NFT Collection Benefits Charity QuoteCoin

New York City: Ziggy Marley, son of Bob and Rita Marley, will be celebrating his birthday on October 18 with a music NFT collection that will be made available on OneOf. The artist has won several awards over his career. The singer is going to release a demo version of his popular song “Beach in Hawaii” that has never been heard before. In addition, each NFT will be packaged with a one-of-a-kind image created by Jim Mahfood, who is known for his work at Disney, Comedy Central, and other companies.

What exactly is the deal with Ziggy Marley’s NFT drop?

This week, the legendary musician Ziggy Marley, winner of eight GRAMMY Awards, makes his formal debut on NFTs. In essence, his NFT compilation makes the previously unheard version of his song “Beach in Hawaii” available for the first time. The release will be made available on OneOf, a Web3 platform with an emphasis on sustainable music, on the 17th of October.

Fans will not only get the demo, but they will also receive a digital artwork created by none other than Jim Mahfood himself. The legendary comic book artist has collaborated with Disney, Marvel, and Cartoon Network, in addition to publishing his own works in the comic book medium.

Naturally, the image by the NFT is spot-on when it comes to capturing Ziggy Marley’s signature reggae style as well as the spirit of “Beach in Hawaii.” After all, the Rolling Stones referred to it at one point in their career as “a quick-stepping tune with sun-soaked guitars that hide a heartsick loneliness.”

What advantages do you have as a holder of an NFT?

You are in for a lot of pleasant surprises if you are interested in the NFT collection that Ziggy Marley has. Every bearer of an NFT is eligible to win one of the following prizes:

A guitar that was personally autographed by Ziggy Marley;

The opportunity to create limited-edition merchandise with a Ziggy theme and get half of the revenues;
A trip with the purpose of seeing Ziggy Marley play at a forthcoming music festival;
Access for two people during the whole of Marley’s career as a headlining artist.

When all of these great prospects are considered, Ziggy’s NFT drop is the obvious pick for everyone who is interested in reggae music. Notably, the artist will give one hundred percent of the profits to his own charitable organization, which goes by the acronym U.R.G.E. (Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment). The organization’s mission is to provide access to medical care and educational opportunities for children around the globe, with a particular emphasis on Africa and Jamaica.

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