Web 3.0 innovations Enthral audiences at GITEX GLOBAL 2022 QouteCoin

Web 3.0 innovations Enthral audiences at GITEX GLOBAL 2022 QouteCoin

New York City: Diverse industries from gaming, retail, fashion and sports are looking to explore
an increasingly vast and rich virtual ecosystem in Web 3.0, with Dubai Metaverse
Strategy envisioning more than 40,000 new virtual jobs by 2030 in the Emirate.

To help propel the Web 3.0 economy, the 42 nd edition of GITEX GLOBAL features X-
VERSE, sponsored by TMRW Foundation in collaboration with Decentraland, one of the
world’s most immersive metaverse journeys featuring 28 experiential brands; and
Global DevSlam, the Middle East’s largest ever coder and developer meetup.

At Global DevSlam 2022, Saqr Bin Ghalib, Executive Director, UAE Office of AI, Digital
Economy, and Remote Work Applications, announced the launch of the region’s first
Pycon, in collaboration with the Python Software Foundation. PyCon is the world’s
largest Python developer conference, and PyCon MEA will provide a unique platform for
networking and collaboration to the developer community. He reinforced that the Global
DevSlam is an important initiative that supports the National Program for Coders, which
aims to make the UAE a global hub for the development of coders.

Pioneers in the metaverse ecosystem explored the multi-billion opportunity in the emerging virtual universe on the second day of GITEX GLOBAL 2022

Endless opportunities of the metaverse

Within the next decade, the metaverse has the potential to add $3 trillion to global GDP
— a contribution of 2.8% — with the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey set to benefit
from more than $360 billion or 6.2% of GDP, Angelika Gifford, Meta Vice President for
Europe, Middle East and Africa, said at the GITEX GLOBAL Main Stage on Oct 11. The
metaverse will reach a billion people in the next decade, drive billions in revenue and
create millions of jobs, she added, stressing that the metaverse is the biggest creation
since the start of the internet. Her advice for anyone wanting to get involved in the
metaverse was: “build muscle” by “playing around”, experiment as much as possible
and link up with partners who can help.

First retail experience on the pioneer artificial gravity space station unveiled

Orbital Assembly (OA), developer of the first space park with gravity, announced a
strategic collaboration with Dream Big World to develop the first terrestrial retail
experience in space at X-VERSE, the world’s largest curated Web 3.0 immersive
experience. Juan De Lascurain, Chief Dreamer, Dream Big World, stated that its
customers will be able to enjoy different digital experiences utilising VR, NFT, digital
fashion, and the Metaverse.

The TMRW Foundation debuts the Internet Of Life™ at X-VERSE

The TMRW Foundation, the headline sponsor of X-VERSE, launched ROOM, its lifelike
3D communication solution to offer a look into the future of the three-dimensional
internet: The Internet of Life™. ROOM enables browser-based 3D video conferencing,
elevating video calls through lifelike and gamified online meeting spaces. It enables
users to virtually interact in the most natural way possible by mirroring human nature,
featuring the world’s most socially present technology.

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