There is still a shortage of ETH at Citron

There is still a shortage of ETH at Citron QouteCoin

New York City: Citron Research, a well-known short-selling firm, has not changed its bearish stance on Ethereum (ETH) and claims that the $130 billion coin has just as many “common sense faults” as the defunct exchange FTX.

The most well-known short-selling firm, Citron Research, just announced that it will keep trading short ETH, which is the second-largest cryptocurrency. Citron has recently indicated its view, which it shared in a thread on Twitter, that the $130 billion token has the same number of problems with common sense as the whole SBF tale. Citron, on the other hand, said that it will no longer be short in 2021 as a direct result of GameStop.

A tweet from Citron Research earlier this week said,

“We continue to be short ETHER because we feel that this $130 billion token has just as many faults in terms of common sense as the whole SBF tale does,” The technological platform communicated the latest information in a thread while making comments on the continuing FTX haze and the role that the government plays in making FTX fraud possible.

Citron has called out the United States government in its tweets, saying that the government “should be embarrassed that they let one person get so close to the inner sanctum of government and influence without even checking a tax return.” Citron’s comments come after the government was accused of letting one person get so close to the inner sanctum of government without even checking a tax return. Citron has also accused the FBI of being negligent for failing to do even a “cursory 2 hour” check on FTX, which is the Democratic Party’s second biggest contributor. “This concerns the safety of the whole country… If you hadn’t made an effort to quiet us, we would have been able to tell you everything in only two hours. Citron added.

The platform has assuaged the concerns of its crew by reassuring them that they would continue to operate normally despite the continued turmoil in the bitcoin market. Citron has said that it has rekindled its interest in short selling. It claims that a large number of companies are trading at artificially high prices due to the widespread belief that “someone else did the research.” Despite this, it would seem that Citron does not have a great deal of compassion for the people who were harmed by the FTX scandal. “In regards to the victims, also known as account holders, you demanded decentralization, and you got decentralization. It tweeted, “When you transferred your money to the Bahamas, what did you anticipate would happen to it?”

There is still a shortage of ETH at Citron QouteCoin

You may recall that in 2021, Citron made the assertion that it would no longer be short due to the acquisition of GameStop. Citron said that it will no longer issue short reports and instead concentrate on long positions in the midst of the retail purchasing frenzy that occurred in January 2021. Last year, Short seller and founder of Citron Research Andrew Left made the announcement after speculative retail traders pushed up GameStop’s shares. He was forced to take a loss on the majority of his short position in the video game store.

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