The release date of Guild of Guardians has been pushed back

The release date of Guild of Guardians has been pushed back QuoteCoin

New York City: The highly anticipated NFT-powered video game Guild of Guardians (GoG) has once again been forced to push out the debut of its alpha version, as the development team revealed on social media. The next version, which had been scheduled to be released by the end of this year, will now not be available until 2023. As a result, the development team is going to put the additional time to good use by working to enhance the gameplay loop as well as the game’s other fundamental components.

There are over 300 thousand people on the waiting, and members of the community can’t help but worry whether or not the wait will be worthwhile.

Why did GoG push back the date of their launch?

Guild of Guardians (GoG) disclosed on the 12th of October that their alpha launch would take place in the year 2023 rather than during current quarter. In a comprehensive blog post, the development team behind the well-known game explained their top two justifications for their choice.

The first thing that the team wants to work on is making the already-existing gameplay components of the game even better. Because of the delay, the developers will also have the opportunity to collect more input from the community in order to ensure a successful launch.

The unpredictability of the Web3 technology was the second point that the group made. The group emphasized that with each new innovative advance comes a correspondingly new set of challenges.

We are making significant progress and have every intention of providing an up-to-date launch date as soon as humanly feasible. We are committed to sharing regular progress updates so the community can follow along, and it is likely that we will continue to run private playtests as we get closer to the launch,” the founders of the Guild of Guardians project added. Although precise timelines can be difficult to determine, we are committed to sharing these updates.

What exactly is this “Guild of Guardians” thing?

In its most basic form, Guild of Guardians is a mobile role-playing game driven by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Its gameplay incorporates play-to-earn aspects, and each character and summon in the game is unique. Every player fights using their character, develops their character, and even trades NFTs using their character. It should come as no surprise that the price of an NFT character would increase proportionately with their level.

Surprisingly, the game’s cutting-edge mythos was successful in drawing thousands of NFT collectors as well as players. As of right moment, there are over 300,000 players who have joined the waitlist for the imminent alpha launch of the game.

The founding team of Guild of Guardians said in a letter to the community, “We realize this will be terrible news for many anxiously waiting, but the Guild of Guardians team values openness, and we want to communicate the reasons behind our decision with the community as soon as possible.”

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