The HNTR Token and DogTags NFT Collection is Now Available at Digital Arms

The HNTR Token and DogTags NFT Collection is Now Available at Digital Arms QuoteCoin

New York City: Users of the website will be able to carry out a variety of transactions, including the buying and selling of NFTs that have been approved by real-world weapon manufacturers, thanks to the HNTR token.

Because of their interoperability and their utility, Digital Arms’ NFTs may pique the attention of gamers as well as the makers of Web3 apps. In addition, this project has previously worked along with a number of well-known metaverse shooter games including Ignite, Farcana, and Born to Die.

Additionally, the restricted supply of NFTs is anticipated to result in a rise in demand among collectors of NFTs and lovers of weapons. Other potential applications that might potentially push up the value of

The following are considered to be HNTR:

Invest token to get revenue on a passive basis.

paying costs on Digital Arms for updates as well as listing fees.

The token may be used by companies as a form of payment for advertising space on Digital Arms.

Utility as a medium of exchange for components that may be used to customize NFT weaponry, such as color skins, magazines, and sights.

The launch of the token will be made easier with the assistance of a variety of launchpads and exchanges. Users who are interested in putting their money into HNTR have the option of doing so using decentralized exchange platforms such as Pancake Swap, Coinstore, and Bitmart.

Additionally, the NFT marketplace and HNTR were also created on Binance Smart Chain by Digital Arm (BSC). As a result, the token satisfies the requirements of the BEP20 standard.

BSC is often selected as an option for the vast majority of Web3 gaming initiatives. Users benefit from quick settlement of both fungible and non-fungible tokens, as well as low costs for conducting transactions. Additionally, the BSC is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which indicates its potential for future interoperability with other blockchains.

Specifics Regarding the Digital Arm Whitepaper

Meanwhile, further information on HNTR’s tokenomics may be found in the whitepaper for Digital Arms. One billion units of the asset are all that can ever be produced. Additionally, the paper adds that a total of 110 million HNTR will be available for tournament prizes, while a total of 30 million HNTR will be available for staking incentives.

The live deployment of the HNTR token will take place at the same time as the debut of the Digital Arms NFT marketplace will take place. Users will require HNTR in order to purchase DogTags when they become available on the marketplace as the first non-fungible token (NFT).

The platforms integrate weapons into the Web3 gaming industry by using the interoperability enabled by blockchain technology. For first-person hunting, sports shooting, and shooter games, Digital Arms generates unique in-game blockchain-based objects. These things are very uncommon.

In addition, the marketplace has formed strategic alliances with some of the most well-known companies in the firearms industry, including Barrett Firearms, Head Down Firearms, Primary Arms, and Blackwater.

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