Sergio Aguero Signs For The Sandbox Games Metaverse

Sergio Aguero Signs For The Sandbox Games Metaverse QuoteCoin

New York City: Sergio Kun Aguero, a former star for Manchester City who is now playing for Argentina’s Sandbox, is continuing his rebirth after retiring by joining up with the squad. The Kuniverse is going to be a virtual game environment that will be centered around the sport of football. The metaverse of the game, which was created in collaboration with Eter Studios, is scheduled to be made available on November 6 with a collection of Kun NFTs as a part of the launch.

Anyone who follows soccer even somewhat should be familiar with Kun Aguero. He is one of the best players in the world. He started his career with Indenpiente in Argentina. After leaving there, he joined with Athletico Madrid, then moved to the Premier League with Manchester City, and finally ended his career at Barcelona sooner than intended on the advise of the medical staff there.

Since he hung up his cleats, he has become a Fifa 20 streaming sensation on Twitch, where he has garnered a fanbase that is just as devoted as the one he had as a player. Since he retired, he has discovered fame all over again.

The playground version of the Kuniverse
As a result of his sickness, Kun Aguero will hang up his cleats at the end of 2021 and retire from the sport known as “the beautiful game.” However, he is eager to stay involved with both his long-standing and new passionate followers, and he views this cooperation with the Sandbox as the next logical step in his career.

The Sandbox is a metaverse that was constructed on the Ethereum blockchain. It is also one of the top Web3 firms that is actively participating in the creation of the Metaverse as well as the gaming and entertainment industry of the future. It expressed its excitement at the new partnership on Twitter, and it made the area in the Metaverse accessible for use in the project.

The NFT collection is available in five distinct rarities: Football Kuns, E-Kuns, Future Kuns, Robot Kuns, and Special Kuns. Each one of these one-of-a-kind avatars represents a different time period in his impressive career. These include his time spent playing for Athletico Madrid and Manchester City, among other teams.

After Thoughts

The new relationship with Sandbox marks the continuation of Sergio Kun Aguero’s transition from a football player to a digital celebrity. If you are a fan of football or a gamer, the new Kuniverse seems like it would be a fantastic way to engage with other people who share your interests as well as the star himself.

The news is also beneficial for the NFT industry as a whole since it gives him the opportunity to promote his army of football and gaming followers to his new endeavor in the Metaverse.

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