Price of Bitcoin and Ethereum Poised for Gains While XRP Begins a New Rally

Price of Bitcoin and Ethereum Poised for Gains While XRP Begins a New Rally QuoteCoin

The price of bitcoin has reached a level that is more than $19,000. At the moment (03:10 UTC), the price of BTC is continuing to consolidate above the $19,200 mark.

In a similar manner, the majority of the big cryptocurrencies might begin a rise. The price of ETH seems to be preparing for a breakout to the upside over $1,340 and $1,350. The XRP price picked some speed and broke over the $0.48 resistance zone. ADA’s price continues to hover close to the $0.435 mark.

Bitcoin price

The price of bitcoin started a wave of recovery yesterday, rising past the $19,000 threshold. Bitcoin even managed to close at a price that was higher than $19,200 and the 50-hour simple moving average. However, the price is now encountering a significant barrier close to the $19,600 zone. If the price breaks finally over $19,600, it may climb up to $20,000.

The price of Ethereum

The price of Ethereum also began a new upward trend and were able to break beyond the $1,300 barrier. Even more impressively, it finished the day higher than $1,320. On the hourly chart, there is a contracting triangle that is acting as barrier for the price. This resistance is located at the $1,340 level.

The current prices of ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE, and XRP

Cardano (ADA) prices are holding steady around the $0.435 mark. A point of direct opposition is located close to $0.442. The price might acquire positive momentum if it is able to trade over the $0.45 zone, which serves as the first significant resistance level.

BNB is gradually climbing higher in the direction of the $285 level. The price may reach $295 or perhaps $300 if it is able to push through the first significant barrier, which is located close to the $288 level.

Above the $33.50 resistance level, Solana (SOL) is making progress and building momentum. It is currently getting close to the $35 resistance level. If buyers continue to exert their influence, the price may go beyond $35 and then continue to climb above $36.50.

The price of DOGE is continuing to consolidate above the $0.0600 mark. There is an immediate barrier of resistance located close to the $0.062 level. If there are any additional advances, the price might go up to $0.0632.

The price of XRP established a support level and began a new uptrend after breaking through the $0.45 struggle level. The price broke through the $0.48 resistance level, and it is possible that it could continue to advance into the $0.50 level in the very near future.

Alternate cryptocurrencies in the market today

Several alternative cryptocurrencies, such as XLM, OKB, LUNC, FLOW, EOS, LEO, MATIC, XDC, CELO, TRX, and AXS, are now in the green zone. Among them, XLM was the only one to achieve gains of more than 5% and break beyond the $0.475 threshold.

Overall, the price of bitcoin is maintaining advances above the critical support level of $19,000. If BTC is able to break over the barrier of $19,600, as per the news, the price may continue to increase towards the level of $20,000 or perhaps $20,500.

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