Opera Browser Unveils Degenknows a New NFT Analytics Tool

Opera Browser Unveils Degenknows a New NFT Analytics Tool QouteCoin

New York City: Opera has introduced a new analytics tool that enables users to find, monitor, and validate digital treasures in their collections. In addition, the NEAR and Fantom blockchains will be supported by the Web3 browser, as stated in a press release dated November 3, 2022.

Opera Crypto Browser, which focuses on Web3, has introduced a new NFT analytics tool called “DegenKnows.” This tool contains both on-chain and off-chain analytics, and it will assist users in discovering and verifying digital valuables in a seamless manner.

Users of the new product will have access to comprehensive analytics that will assist them in the process of locating and investing in potential NFTs before such NFTs are minted and achieve widespread acceptance.

It gives consumers an in-depth picture of the NFTs that are the most popular on the market, and it makes crucial information such as study charts and major collectors accessible in real time. In addition to this, it will safeguard its customers from being taken advantage of by NFT projects by providing off-chain data derived from social media sources as well as vital information on the development team behind NFT initiatives.

According to the research, DegenKnows provides consumers with the ability to learn which prominent players in the NFT industry are monitoring a certain project. In addition, the analytics tool is going to unveil a feature called “Smart Money,” which is designed to assist users in locating all of the trustworthy high-profit wallets and major participants in the NFT field.

In a statement, Susie Batt, the Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera, stated the following:

“Our objective with the Opera Crypto Browser is to offer a gateway into Web3 in its most complete form. Our customers are able to explore Web3 from the protected environment of a user-friendly browser developed by a reputable brand. This allows them to do anything from exploring decentralized applications to utilizing their cash. Today, we are providing them with a new tool called DegenKnows, which will allow them to explore and comprehend the world of NFTs, and maybe identify the next great initiative ahead of other people.

Support for the NEAR Protocol and Other Protocols Is Added to Opera

The DegenKnows tool has a number of uses, one of which is the ability to categorize high-profit wallets as belonging to one of three distinct categories. The first category, Smart Minters, features digital wallets that are excellent at making a profit through the process of minting and selling digital currency. The second category, Smart Traders, features digital wallets that are excellent at making a profit through the process of trading on secondary markets. Wallets that keep their NFTs for a long length of time in order to generate money are the primary focus of Smart Holder.

“As Web3 and NFTs continue to gain traction in the public, the tools that are specifically designed for the industry should equally advance. We have developed DegenKnows as a platform with the goal of assisting users in gaining a competitive advantage in the NFT market by enabling them to “explore the thriving world of NFTs, monitor purchases from their favorite collectors, identify the legitimacy of tokens, and a great deal more.”

Opera Browser Unveils Degenknows a New NFT Analytics Tool QouteCoin

To mark the occasion of the debut, DegenKnows is providing all users of the Opera browser with free premium access. Users of other browsers may take advantage of a limited-time free trial that will be available until the end of the year.

In addition to the release of DegenKnows, Opera has also incorporated support for the NEAR Protocol (NEAR) and Fantom (FTM) blockchains. This comes after the company provided in-browser wallet support for the scalable blockchain Elrond in September 2022. The Web3 browser already has collaboration agreements in place with some of the most prominent blockchains, including as Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain.

Opera Crypto Browser made the announcement in September 2022 that they will be working along with DappRadar. Because of this agreement, users of Opera’s Web3 crypto browser will have easy access to the hundreds of blockchain solutions offered by DappRadar, including decentralized apps (dApps), decentralized finance (DeFi), and other blockchain solutions.

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