NFT sells for $44k the highest price yet on XRP Blockchain

NFT sells for $44k the highest price yet on XRP Blockchain QouteCoin

New York City: The XRP ledger achieved a new high by setting a new record when it announced through a tweet that one of the “XRPL Punks” had been sold for 108,900 XRP, which was equivalent to $44,000 at the moment the transaction was completed.

On November 25, 2022, the XRP ledger created history when it established a new record for the maximum amount of NFT that could be purchased on the network. The transaction resulted in the sale of one of the Non-Fungible Tokens on the XRPL Punk collection for 108,900 XRP, according to a notice made by onXRP, an XRP-based modular ecosystem, on Twitter. The token in question was part of the XRPL Punk collection. This was the largest sale ever recorded on the network, with the amount of XRP involved in the transaction being equivalent to $44,000 at the time of the transaction.

According to the response that XRPL PUNKS provided to the announcement, the transaction took place at an online auction on VC Discord, which was a gathering attended by more than 20 people. The name of the person who purchased the NFT at such a high price was not revealed by XRPL PUNKS, despite repeated requests. The Punks collection, which is often referred to as the Xpunks collection, is one of the most sought-after collections on XRPL.

XRP prices continue to decrease

Although it may seem like XRPL is doing well, the price of XRP has been on a continuous decline to lows not seen since January 2021, just before to the beginning of the November 2021 Bull Run. This low price was last seen in January 2021. The price of the token is rising in tandem with the adverse attitude that is now consuming crypto values. This bearish emotion has been responsible for wiping off more than 2 trillion dollars worth of the whole market capitalization.

NFT sells for $44k the highest price yet on XRP Blockchain QouteCoin

As a result of FTX filing for bankruptcy, Bitcoin prices have dropped below the $20,000 support level, which had been maintaining its position since June 2022. The present crypto attitude is still unsettled and very unpredictable.

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