New Personalizable EWEB3 Pages Are Available Through PIP.ME 2.0

New Personalizable EWEB3 Pages Are Available Through PIP.ME 2.0 QuoteCoin

New York City: 2.0 is being released with a number of significant upgrades to the customised eWeb3 sites it offers.

Users of the new PIP platform have the ability to personalize their own pages, enabling them to manage cryptocurrency payments, include NFTs, and arrange social network profiles.

After the first iteration of PIP proved to be successful, the platform has made improvements to increase its usability and is working toward changing the manner in which people think about and interact with cryptocurrencies.

According to Jeff Baek, CEO of PIP, “PIP.ME links online identities with crypto payments so that anybody may engage financially with others around the globe, establishing a global micropayment economy.” PIP.ME allows users to communicate financially with people all over the world.

What exactly is

The solution is a collection of payment solutions for Web3 that are completely integrated with one another and are compatible with desktop as well as mobile devices. The platform simplifies social Web3 payments, making it possible for anybody, regardless of previous expertise or experience, to develop a PIP website that is both free and fully configurable.

The solution is compatible with industry-leading blockchains such as BNB Chain and enables users to construct their own PIP Buttons. This provides connections with a link to the user’s profile as well as information about the wallet address.

This, in turn, does away with the need to know wallet addresses and paves the way for an easy access route to both your Web3 profile and your payment information.

Additionally, the PIP Button is compatible with all website builders and content management systems, such as Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace.

Finally, the PIP Button now only enables transactions based on the Solana platform (SOL, USDC, PIP, SERUM, and so on), but it will eventually include support for more networks. 2.0 has several new features

The inherent capabilities of the platform are expanded with the release of 2.0.

Now, each user has far more options available to them on their own individualized Web3 page. 2.0 continues to support native addresses, which are generated when an account is registered, but it now provides a number of additional features, some of which are as follows:

Simple payment buttons for mobile and desktop

Options for personalization regarding the receipt of payments
The ability to show personal connections and social media profiles if desired
Incorporating individual NFT assets or collections that have been derived straight from large NFT exchanges such as Opensea, Looksrare, and Magic Eden.
In addition, the new platform makes it possible to import links from other websites with only a few mouse clicks. For example, you might migrate your Linktree to your account.

PIP is establishing itself as a supporter of the decentralized creative economy by relaunching the Web3 social payment network it previously developed.

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