Microstrategy maintains position on Bitcoin despite the recent selling rumours

Microstrategy maintains position on Bitcoin despite the recent selling rumours QouteCoin

The potential of Microstrategy selling its Bitcoin holdings was brought to people’s notice by a crypto update that was posted on Twitter not long ago. Saylor has not wavered in his conviction that cryptocurrency is the future despite the present state of the market and the financial situation of Microstrategy.

Twitter cryptocurrency analyst Saylor may be making a sale in the near future

Microstrategy is now up to its neck in debt, and crypto markets are continuing to decline, thus all signs point to an eventual sale on the company’s part. This morning, a Twitter account focused on cryptocurrencies published a thread in which it was claimed that the well-known analytics and business intelligence platform Microstrategy “would be forced to sell.”

You may recall that in an interview conducted by Natalie Brunell of Coin Stories in July of last year, Michael Saylor, who was the co-founder and CEO of Microstrategy at the time, stated that regardless of how low the price of bitcoin falls, he will not be forced to sell any tokens, whether they belong to him personally or to the company that he runs. This statement was made in reference to the tokens that belong to the company that he runs. Despite the fact that Saylor has been true to his pledge to this point, a study has showed that recent events in the market might compel the technology company to sell dramatically.

Microstrategy maintains position on Bitcoin despite the recent selling rumours QouteCoin

Microstrategy may need to liquidate part of its cryptocurrency holdings in order to continue in business, according to a Twitter user who goes by the moniker degentrading. This is because the company has a significant amount of debt, and the price of Bitcoin has been going down.

Microstrategy has not changed their opinion towards crypto

Saylor has kept up an optimistic face despite all of the rumors and theories around Bitcoin, and he continues to support the cryptocurrency. Saylor sent a tweet with a video that was followed by the hashtag “Bitcoin is Hope” two days ago. In the message, Saylor said, “The prices may gyrate, the players may change, but the music stays the same.” #Bitcoin”.

Microstrategy is committed to Bitcoin and will continue to buy it even as the markets continue to contract. Microstrategy announced in its most recent earnings report that it has furthered its commitment to its bitcoin strategy by acquiring about 301 more bitcoins in the most recent quarter. This information was included in the report on the company’s financial performance. The platform claims that it is still the biggest publicly listed corporate owner of bitcoin in the world, with total holdings of 130,000 bitcoins as of December 31st, 2018.

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