FTX was run as personal fiefdom faces hacks missing assets attorneys say Qoute Coin

FTX was run as personal fiefdom faces hacks missing assets attorneys say Qoute Coin

New York City: The people behind the ForexToll fraud were a “personal fiefdom” that operated in a “hollowed-out shell of an organization,” with no one to answer for the disappearance of millions of dollars and the illegal use of personal information, according to multiple court documents obtained by The New York Times.

The documents were filed in federal court in New York City on Wednesday and showed that the company’s creators had been operating entirely outside any kind of oversight or regulation.

They also show that the company had been hit by hacking attacks and that its assets were scattered across the world.

In one document, an attorney for FTX accused its executives of running away with millions of dollars worth of proprietary data, including the names and addresses of more than 6 million customers. Another document said that some employee records had been lost or destroyed by FTX’s managers, who also used fake email addresses when they signed up new employees.

FTX, a company that promised to use a unique solution to help people get in shape, is facing a litany of lawsuits for allegedly lying about its health benefits and missing millions of dollars in assets.

On Wednesday, the company released a statement on its website saying it would no longer offer its products or services. The statement also said that FTX was “run as a personal fiefdom” by CEO Gaurav Garg and COO Suresh Srinivasan. It also claimed that these two men were responsible for the missing funds.

The two executives have been accused of mismanaging the company’s finances, which resulted in missing millions of dollars worth of assets such as unclaimed bank accounts and brokerage accounts. In addition, they’ve been accused of lying about their health benefits program’s effectiveness and taking advantage of customers who signed up for it without their knowledge.

FTX is currently being sued by at least three customers who claim they were scammed out of money through deceptive advertising practices, including misrepresentation about what their diet plan would do for them physically and mentally.”

FTX, the company that ran a fake cryptocurrency exchange, is facing legal trouble.

A number of lawsuits have been filed against FTX, including one filed by the US Department of Justice and another by a group of investors who lost money on the alleged scam.

The company’s founder and CEO, Leonard Lacroix, has been accused of running his company as a personal fiefdom while skimming off assets and assets from investors. He was also allegedly involved in a massive hack attack that resulted in theft of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies.

Lacroix has not yet responded to requests for comment about the claims against him.

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