Deribit shows its financial strength as the crypto market panics

Deribit shows its financial strength as the crypto market panics QouteCoin

New York City: On November 11, Deribit, an exchange that deals in Ethereum and Bitcoin options, displayed their reserves publicly to reassure its customers that they would be protected from assaults in the future. The firm has made the statement in an effort to alleviate any concerns its customers may have.

Even though Deribit has been hacked, the cryptocurrency exchange has assured its customers that it is resilient and will continue to operate normally. They should thus cast off all uncertainty and worry.

The cryptocurrency trading platform provides a summary of the most used address system. Only Bitcoin and Ethereum, with total values of $53,000 and $533,000, were highlighted in the piece. Other parties account for 6,600 Bitcoins (BTC) and 94,000 (ETH).

Deribit, like other centralized exchanges, will disclose proof-of-reserve assets codenamed Merkle tree to ensure complete transparency for all customers and whether or not they are included in the wallets specified. Through adding up all the transactions in a block, a Merkle tree generates a digital fingerprint of the full set of operations. The data integrity and reliability of both Ethereum and Bitcoin are enhanced.

As an added bonus, Deribit now includes an API endpoint that shows total margin locked (MM and IM by currency) across the board.

Deribit shows its financial strength as the crypto market panics QouteCoin

Deribit tweeted that company had suffered a “hot Wallet hack” and that $28 million in customer cash had been taken. The exchange claims the breach occurred on November 1st, 2022. The assault was carried out using hot wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the stablecoin USDC; these wallets have been quarantined pending further investigation.

Despite the assault, Deribit does not appear to belong in the same league as FTX. The fact that the exchange still has $1 billion in assets is a major indicator in the crypto ecosystem, as shown by a recent tweet from Nansen, a go tool for crypto analytics. Also, Nansen used the decentralized group’s exchanges to back up token ownership and deals.

Tweeted Nansen:

We’re collaborating with trading platforms to make their pro-of-reserves data publicly accessible so that token holders and buyers may keep tabs on market activity. Now is the time to follow this topic, since it will be continually updated with new exchange portfolios.

Unlike Deribit, FTX has sought protection under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. Sam Bankman-Fried stepped down as CEO, and John Ray III was chosen to replace him. Bankman-Fried is stepping down from his current role, but he will stay on to help the organization through the change.

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