Crypto Gaming vs Blockchain Gaming. What's the Difference Qoute Coin

Crypto Gaming vs Blockchain Gaming. What's the Difference Qoute Coin

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are two terms often used interchangeably. However, there is a big difference between the two. With the help of advanced technology and popularity, this gaming industry has advanced and expanded rapidly over the years. These technology have been widely talked about in the past few years, as it has brought up huge profits.

Today, this article will give valuable insights into the primary differences between crypto and blockchain gaming. But before we check out the differences, we’ll determine what the two phrases mean.

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Blockchain Gaming – What is it?

The advent of blockchain technology has created remarkable opportunities for the best Blockchain game development services company. Blockchain gaming utilizes true item ownership from the same technology as cryptocurrencies. It is truly a mindblowing innovation for players who accept that their items will be stuck in games forever.

Blockchain games (also called NFT games or crypto games) are video games that incorporate blockchain technologies into their design. The game publisher can monetize these games by charging a transaction fee whenever a player buys, sells, or trades NFTs or cryptocurrency with another player. We can categorize blockchain games as “play-to-earn” (P2E) experiences because the primary motivation for most players to participate is financial gain.

These new Blockchain gaming systems are bringing out exciting developments. It enables the players to verify that their items are rare and allows them to send anything, anywhere.

Blockchain Gaming further enables a new player-driven economy. They are capable of making new content that is tradable and can retain players.

Let us now find out what crypto gaming exactly means.

Crypto Gaming – What is it?

While more players are immersed in the world of online gaming, it’s evident that cryptocurrency will play the upper hand. Crypto gaming goes a step further by allowing players to earn money as they play. This is the play to earn model, and it can be achieved in a number of ways.

The P2E games or “Play-to-Earn” games reward their players with digital tokens or cryptocurrencies. And the rewards are entirely based on how much they play the games and achieve.

You should note that these digital assets can eventually become the property of the gamer. Further, these digital assets can be traded or sold on online marketplaces and converted directly to fiat currency.

 Let us now check out some of the most commendable differences between the two.

Blockchain Games vs. Crypto Games

Some potential differences between blockchain gaming and crypto gaming include the following:

  1. Blockchain games are not limited to the game type but focus on the economic components. In contrast, crypto games are nothing but virtual currencies that are sold within initial coin offerings before it’s used. Also, not forgetting to mention, blockchain games allow micropayments as they are highly interactive with players’ data.
  2. While blockchain games are considered a derivative of traditional gaming, crypto games are completely new.
  3. Blockchain games focus on ownership and assets, crypto games entirely focus on utility tokens which efficiently power smart contracts.
  4. The games that are built upon crypto gaming technology make use of the Blockchain. Whereas, crypto gaming allows everyone associated with the game to own a part of the game.
  5. Blockchain technology has other applications. Blockchain records financial, healthcare, supply chain, and retail transactions. Cryptocurrency is digital money used for purchasing and investing.
  6. You will know that decentralization is the primary objective of ‘blockchain gaming.
  7. While blockchain technology existed for a long time, it has brought about remarkable opportunities for crypto gaming developers. Thus, they are capable of adding an entirely new element of real-world economies to their games. Besides, crypto gamers are capable of earning cryptocurrency or NFTs by winning a game.
  8. Blockchain, being a public ledger, is highly transparent. Anyone can join a blockchain network and view the information available. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies offer anonymity.

Which One is Right For You?

The future of Blockchain in the gaming industry looks bright. According to the results of a recent poll, 84% of respondents believe that Blockchain games, as opposed to crypto games, enable them interact with other people who have similar interests. In addition to this, blockchain technology is far more sophisticated and safe than conventional databases. Cryptocurrencies on the other hand are just highly evolved than traditional currencies, such as those based on paper or metal. The use of blockchain technology is also becoming more important in the gaming business, and it is needed to fulfil the requirements of the gaming sector.


The phrases “blockchain gaming” and “crypto gaming” have eventually continued further to become some excellent marketing tools.

Above, we have explained the difference between blockchain and crypto games in detail. Despite a significant difference in the term used for designating two different concepts, crypto and blockchain gaming are often puzzled. Nevertheless, while one supports decentralization, the other focuses on the rewards obtained by playing. Whether it’s blockchain or crypto gaming, let’s not forget one thing: the game itself is not hosted on a blockchain. All graphic renderings, rule generation or gameplay mechanisms are still centralised on a server somewhere.

What are your favorite’s Crypto Gaming or Blockchain Gaming? We want to know your thoughts on this. Share your comments below.

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