Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection made available on Binance

Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection made available on Binance QouteCoin

New York City: The CR7 NFT series, which can only be accessed via Binance NFT, will be the first in a number of releases that will showcase Cristiano Ronaldo, a renowned player in the sport of football.

There is little doubt that Ronaldo has altered the method in which football is played as we are used to seeing it. Every aspect of the game has been altered as a direct result of his accomplishments, which include trophies, medals, mind-blowing goals, and individual and team records. The five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or is shifting their attention to the area of NFTs, and Binance is making the most of this opportunity.

Since the initial announcement of the ground-breaking multi-year agreement between Binance and CR7, the two parties have been working closely together to develop a one-of-a-kind engagement that will irrevocably change the way the NFT game is played. Binance and Ronaldo have been working together to create this unique engagement.

The metaverse and blockchain technology represent the future of the internet, according to He Yi, who helped develop Binance and is now the company’s chief marketing officer. He said that they were delighted to collaborate with Cristiano Ronaldo to spread awareness about blockchain education and to explain how Web3 technology is now being developed for use in the sports and entertainment industries.

On Friday, the first installment of Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT series will be made available. The debut will be promoted all around the world through a marketing campaign, including Ronaldo, and his fans will be introduced to Web3 by use of NFTs.

Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection made available on Binance QouteCoin

Ronaldo noted that since his fans are such a significant part of his career, they wanted to create something spectacular and unforgettable for them. He explained that this was necessary in order to keep their support. He lauded Binance, stating that collectively, they assisted him in developing something that not only embodies the essence of the game but also expresses gratitude to fans for their unwavering commitment over the years.

As was mentioned earlier, the first Cristiano Ronaldo NFT set will be available for purchase on November 18 at nine in the morning. This set will feature seven animated statues, each of which will have one of four different rarity levels: Super Super Rare (SSR), Super Rare (SR), Rare (R), and Normal. UTC (N) (N). Each of the statues produced by the NFT depicts a well-known moment from Ronaldo’s life, such as the career-defining bicycle kicks he performed or his early years spent in his home nation.

Bidding will take place on the Binance NFT marketplace for the 45 CR7 NFTs that have the most significant values (5 SSR and 40 SR). Following a bidding period of twenty-four hours, NFTs will be awarded to the participant who placed the highest offer. The starting prices for the SSR and SR auction are going to be 10,000 and 1,700 BUSD, respectively.

The price for the Normal rarity of the remaining 6,600 NFTs on Binance will be 77 BUSD. This price includes 600 R and 6,000 N. Each tier of rarity comes with a unique greeting from Cristiano Ronaldo, an autographed product from CR7 and Binance, full access to all future CR7 NFT drops, a discount on CR7 Mystery Boxes, and the opportunity to take part in giveaways of signed merchandise and other prizes. These are just some of the exclusive benefits that are included.

In addition, when new customers sign up for, they will get a Cristiano Ronaldo Mystery Box as a welcome gift (and finish KYC). There is a possibility that these crates contain limited-edition Ronaldo NFTs.

Customers located in the United States who make deposits on the site during the promotion time will be eligible to get a free souvenir NFT courtesy of Binance.US, the US partner of Users who have obtained the souvenir NFT will be granted access to the allowlist to purchase CR7 NFTs once it has been updated. At the beginning of 2023, Binance will make new Cristiano Ronaldo NFT series sets available to the general public.

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