Casper, Ethereum Name Service, and Maker Pump 20 percent

Casper, Ethereum Name Service, and Maker Pump 20 percent QuoteCoin

New York City: Casper, Ethereum Name Service, and Maker Pump 20 percent

At the beginning of the 10th of October, major cryptocurrencies were trading in the negative, and the total market value of all cryptocurrencies was at $944 billion, which was a decrease of 1.04 percent from the previous day. The total volume of the cryptocurrency market during the last 24 hours was $31.85 billion, representing a drop of 37.51%.

Bitcoin, the most prominent cryptocurrency, is maintaining its position close to $19,460 and is now trading up 0.08% during the Asian session.

The formation of a Doji candle by BTC, which was then followed by a strong negative trend, is an indication that sellers have reached their limit in the market and that buyers may enter to take advantage of an oversold coin.

In a similar fashion, Ethereum’s price is fluctuating around $1,326, up 0.06%.

The Fear and Greed Index Indicates High Levels of Fear

The market continues to trade with a risk-off mood, and investors continue to favor safe-haven assets such as the US dollar and gold. According to the fear and greed index, there is “Extreme Fear” in the market now, which may be one of the factors contributing to the general slowdown in the bitcoin market.

Investors feel that “Extreme Fear” is a good time to join the market since most crypto currencies are oversold, and this may be a good moment to go long on an oversold coin. At the same time, investors believe that “Extreme Fear” is not a good time to enter the market.

Stronger US dollar & Fed Rate Hike Sentiment

On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States of America released numbers for the labor market in the United States. The unemployment rate in the United States dropped to 3.5% in September 2022, matching the 29-month low that was reached in July. This result fell short of the expectations of the market, which had been set at 3.75%. In September, there was a 263K rise in the number of people working nonfarm payroll jobs. Economists had predicted a 248K gain from the previous month.

Casper Pumps 22.52%

The price of Casper is now $0.036241, and it has a trading volume of $18 million over the last 24 hours. The price of Casper has gone up by 3.14% over the last 24 hours and roughly 22.52% over the course of the prior seven days. The live market cap for CoinMarketCap at this time is $377 million, which places it at position #90.

20% Storms on the Ethereum Name Service

In contrast to the overall trend of the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has seen a price increase of almost 20% over the course of the previous week. The 98th-ranked digital currency started trading on October 3 at a price of $14.29 and reached its all-time high of $17.48 on October 10.

When the on-chain events were evaluated, it was discovered that the growth of ENS was rapidly accelerating. After reaching a low of 3.146 on October 2, according to data provided by Santiment, the amount of development work done on the ENS has progressively climbed this week to reach 6.79.

Maker Pumps Up 17.50 percent

The governing body of the protocol, MakerDAO, made an announcement not too long ago stating that a community-wide vote that had been taking place for a number of months was now complete. The objective of the survey was to determine which investment approach would provide the greatest return for Maker treasury money.

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