Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies started to make waves in the economic world, and soon after blockchain technology created its way into the gaming industry. Games rooted with blockchain technology have rapidly expanded the attention of the general public outside of the gaming community via their ability to increase one’s financial position through the Play and Earn (P&E) ecosystem. Blockchain games are new types of games made up of blockchain technology and new ideas as compared to the traditional games.

In the below article let us take a closer look to know whether if blockchain game will win over the traditional game:

1. Economic Value

The most significant reason why blockchain game is in demand compared to traditional game is the presence of an economic value. The account for the game is the address that you use. Any game requires the help of the wallet in order to successfully perform transactions, confirm information, and acquire new information.

Forgery, buying, and selling are all completely secure activities for players in blockchain games. The use of blockchain technology makes the transaction process more reliable, and it also makes it possible to monitor assets like props and equipment more accurately.

2. Outside the box

Blockchain games encourages us to think outside the box when designing or building a game. With the introduction of NFTs, games can slowly have the freedom to tokenize using blockchain technology. Gaming studios can access more users all over the world, not just where the game was given birth. For the game players, they can easily buy and sell and convert to fiat whatever they want. 

3. Safeguarding of Data

It is impossible to have faith in the integrity of the data stored in conventional games since both the game operators and the participants have the ability to cheat, which renders the whole process unethical.

In contrast, when it comes to blockchain games, the whole process is completely authentic since the game operators cannot remove the game and the players cannot cheat on the game; as a result, the data that is kept in the blockchain is safe.

4. Tokens & Assets

The biggest weakness of conventional games is that you are unable to sell your possessions using the tokens you have earned. But if you play a game that uses blockchain technology, the tokens you earn, win, or collect are simply convertible into real world currency.

Additionally, using one’s tokens, one may develop assets such as digital properties or digital lands, which can then be sold or traded in order to generate money.

5. Decentralization

When it comes to conventional games, there is no such thing as a decentralized game operation since the game is run via a centralized game operation, which has a lot of disadvantages.

For instance, in these games, the operators take away the player’s unused property whenever the server is down, which results in the players losing their digital assets; hence, the player has no influence over the game’s life cycle. The aforementioned flaws may be avoided or mitigated in blockchain games thanks to the game’s development process, which makes use of smart contract technology and blockchain technology.

6. A free market

You are able to freely trade or sell your game assets in blockchain games, which not only adds additional value to these games but also makes it possible for players to earn a profit from playing games in certain circumstances. Your NFTs are completely inaccessible to anybody, even the game’s creators, since they are stored securely in your wallet. However, it is not yet possible to construct a conventional game that is sophisticated and has a huge player base using blockchain technology.\

Bottom Line

Blockchain gaming has disrupted not just the bitcoin industry but also the regular gaming industry it is definitely a win. It has transformed the purpose of gaming from a leisure activity to one that provides a dependable source of income and gives back ownership of in-game items to the players. Previously, gaming served just as a way to pass the time. As competitors in the industry work to solve the issues of real-world application and overall game quality, it is likely that the market will see robust expansion in the near future.

Which game are you planning to choose blockchain games or traditional games? Let us know your thoughts on this and share your comments below!

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