BoostyLabs and Hypra form Web3-focused venture studio

BoostyLabs and Hypra form Web3-focused venture studio QouteCoin

New York City: BoostyLabs, the largest crypto development company in Europe, and Hypra Fund have joined forces to form a joint venture studio for early-stage Web3 project development. Additionally, Clust venture builder offered their assistance to the endeavor.

Boosty Venture Studio offers the projects in its portfolio access to the most talented software developers in Europe, a network of the most successful venture capitalists in the industry, support in the areas of law and business, and an initial investment of up to $300,000. It positions itself as a co-founder with the other enterprises.

Boosty is searching for Web3 projects that include infrastructure, tools for developers, and solutions that use software as a service. It has already invested in two new businesses at the startup stage and has plans to do so for a total of five more by the end of the year. One of them is the Stroom Network, which is a liquid Bitcoin staking platform based on the Lightning Network and developed by former employees of Lido and Bitfury.

The studio was established by a group of well-known businessmen and businesspeople from Ukraine, each of whom is a founding partner. They have established very profitable technology enterprises that now employ hundreds of thousands of people. Nick Schteringard, a veteran of the crypto media and the previous editor-in-chief of, is driving this endeavor forward.

BoostyLabs and Hypra form Web3-focused venture studio QouteCoin

Throughout his time at TA Ventures, Igor Pertsiia, who is now the managing partner of Hypra, has successfully concluded more than 50 venture agreements. The Boosty businesses that he works with get funding strategy advice from him.

“We are seeking for ambitious entrepreneurs from all around the globe, including Ukraine, so that we may develop Web3 together.” I am particularly pleased of the fact that we invest in Ukrainian businesspeople. Despite the devastation caused by the full-scale conflict, our nation is the leader in the adoption of cryptocurrency, said Pertsiia.

Clust is a performance marketing firm that has been developed by Ryslan Tymofieiev, the company’s creator. Clust now has 2,000 workers and a presence in 30 countries. Mentoring Boosty’s companies on how to maximize their operational effectiveness with Adventures Lab partner Ruslan Drozdov is one of his responsibilities.

The overarching purpose of venture building is to amass the necessary experience, expertise, and processes to assist new businesses in climbing out of the valley of death. It is all about developing a methodical strategy for the establishment of businesses, as Tymofieiev pointed out.

Boosty is now accepting applications for its 2022 cohort of founders.

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