Ban in the US is a timely reminder that influential users should TikTok

Ban in the US is a timely reminder that influential users should TikTok QouteCoin

Users should be aware that conventional tech businesses are far less stable than the decentralized web, especially in light of the fact that TikTok may be removed from the United States in the near future.

TikTok has recently been the subject of a request to be banned by a member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States, which has caused influencers to scramble. TikTok creators risk losing their fanbases and money streams overnight if the FCC follows through with its threat to prohibit the platform.

Many people, including influential people and those who create digital content, have a healthy amount of skepticism about Web3. Notably, many of those who are the most hesitant to adopt Web3 have achieved a great deal of success on Web2. Why bother learning the laws of a new game when they already have monetization nailed down on popular Web2 sites like TikTok, Twitch, and others?

The ongoing discussion around the possibility of imposing new restrictions on the use of TikTok in the United States is a prime illustration of the dangers that are linked with Web2 platforms. This highlights why the adoption of Web3 may be beneficial to influencers as well as their followers. Web3’s value addition may be broken down into two categories: autonomy and insurance. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this new idea from TikTok will serve as a wake-up call for influencers worldwide.

Ban in the US is a timely reminder that influential users should TikTok QouteCoin

Web3 is unique because it is constructed on blockchains, also known as public ledgers, which allow for the addition of data but do not permit its deletion or modification. The data in a blockchain does not reside on a server that is managed by a large technology company because blockchains are designed to be decentralized. Instead, the accuracy of the network is maintained by a large network of nodes located all over the world. This makes the network both transparent and nearly impossible to hack or corrupt.

The inventor of the Tezos-based NFT marketplace Hic et Nunc made the unexpected decision to quickly shut down the project last year, which resulted in a half a million NFTs being left in a state of digital limbo. This event serves as an illustration of the robustness of Web3 platforms. But the Hic et Nunc user community was able to relaunch it within hours, without causing a significant disruption to sales, because Tezos is a public blockchain and because the platform was built on the open-source principles of Web3. This was possible because the platform was built on the principles of Web3. Just try to picture doing it with Instagram or TikTok.

Although a Web3 app that is directly comparable to TikTok does not yet exist, its release is simply a matter of time. In addition, there is no need for you to wait if you are the producer of digital material. Through the use of NFTs and other techniques, Web3 makes it possible for you to expand the possibilities you have for monetizing your content and engaging your audience right now. Creators need to make use of as many different platforms as they can. Web3 is the next iteration of the web, and its arrival is closer than you would expect.

Blokhaus is a marketing and communications firm that supports worldwide operations for the Tezos blockchain ecosystem. Blokhaus was founded by Mark Soares, who also serves as the company’s chief marketing officer. Previously, he was the general manager of marketing and communications at Nikon Inc., where he supervised several aspects of the company’s marketing, including branding, product and content marketing, as well as efforts with influencers.

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